Collaboration for an accessible and liveable region

The accessibility and quality of life in the Schiphol area are under pressure. New business locations (and residential locations) are being developed. The number of commuters – and therefore mobility – will continue to increase in the coming years. An accessible and livable area is crucial for the companies and their employees. For this we will have to deal with our mobility in a smarter, more flexible and more sustainable way.

Royal Schiphol Group, the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, the province of Noord-Holland, Schiphol Area Development Company (SADC), Vervoerregio Amsterdam and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment now work together in the Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar program. Together we are committed to improvements to the infrastructure, a wide range of alternative means of transport, campaigns to stimulate the bicycle and interesting activities in the area through which commuters can travel outside rush hour. Schiphol has to be (and stay) an attractive area to work.

Our focus is on 14 business areas, where a total of 100,000 people work.

1. Schiphol Centrum
2. Schiphol (TA) Oost
3. Schiphol Rijk en Oude Meer
4. Schiphol Zuid
5. Airport Business Park Lijnden

6. De Beukenhorst
7. De Hoek
8. Schiphol Logistics Park
9. Schiphol Trade Park
10. PolanenPark

11. Business Park Amsterdam Osdorp
12. De President
13. Green Park Aalsmeer
14. Fokker Logistics Park


Collaborate? Welcome!

Do you have brilliant suggestions for effective campaigns and interventions? We would like to get in touch with you. Support and co-financing (max. 50%) from Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar are possible if at least 2 employers are involved. This is how we work.

1. Interview: talking about bottlenecks and opportunities

2. Inventory of travel behavior within the area (much data is already available)

3. Establish cooperation

4. Support organization, communication, behavioral interventions and finances