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Bert ten Kate: ‘Fan of working from home’

Bert ten Kate is a security IAM consultant at Cegeka and is seconded to the Schiphol Group. Since the coronavirus crisis he has been working full-time from home. And he likes that very much. “It saves me more than eight hours of travel per week. I’ve always been a fan of working from home.” Work […]

Jessica Dijkhuizen: ‘I work more efficiently at home’

Jessica Dijkhuizen usually travels by train from The Hague to her workplace at Principal, which is based in WTC Schiphol. Since the coronavirus crisis she works full-time at home at the dinner table, together with her husband and children. “I have to keep a lot of balls in the air, but work more efficiently.” Fixed […]

Sign your company up for the e-bike tryout pool

In June 2020 a new e-bike trial action will start, provided by ConnektBike and Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar. All companies in the Schiphol area can sign up for this. Thanks to a subsidy from the programme, you only pay €60 per participating employee.

What’s next? Be prepared.

There will be a time when everyone who now works from home will go back to their normal place of work. And that will bring dilemmas. Over the past few weeks, we have become accustomed to social distancing. There is a fear of being close to each other. How will employees travel to work in the other half-meter society?

Coronavirus is turning everything upside down

The coronavirus is turning everything upside down. In the second half of March it was quiet on the roads in the Schiphol region. No traffic jams and the number of passengers in public transport decreased by more than 85% during the morning rush hour. We are forced to work from home, to shape our daily routines of working and living differently.