Bert ten Kate: ‘Fan of working from home’

Bert ten Kate is a security IAM consultant at Cegeka and is seconded to the Schiphol Group. Since the coronavirus crisis he has been working full-time from home. And he likes that very much. “It saves me more than eight hours of travel per week. I’ve always been a fan of working from home.”

Work is the same
“With our IAM team, we keep ICT running. We ensure that everyone can log in to their workplace and that they have the right roles and rights. It doesn’t really matter where I work. And it doesn’t really matter where my colleagues work either. Wherever they are, the problems are the same. When everyone suddenly had to work from home it was extra busy, but now it’s business as usual.”

Eight hours less travel time
“I had been working at home one day a week. I live in Veenendaal – that’s an hour of travelling, and even longer with public transport. Normally I leave very early or very late. Sometimes I leave at five o’clock. Now that I work from home every day, that saves me more than eight hours of travel time a week. That’s for my own benefit, and also for work.”

Work undisturbed
“My experience of working from home is very positive. I’ve always been a fan. I have my own little office and a good office chair at home and I can work undisturbed. I’m doing well. I’m even convinced that I do more at home than at the office. And I have more quality time with the family. I now have time to watch a movie on the couch in the evening.”

Virtual drinks
“The downside is I don’t see my colleagues enough. I really miss that human contact. We try to compensate for that by talking about it in a call every day for half an hour. We also do the weekly drinks virtually. At the moment we have more meetings than before the crisis. Normal catching up at the coffee machine has been replaced by formal appointments. That sometimes feels like a meeting. But we’re getting better and better at finding our way.”

Searching for the ideal balance
“In terms of traffic jams it would be good if we work from home more often. I really hope that people don’t have too many negative experiences during this period: working from home full-time, stress about the virus, supervising children, or relationships under pressure. I hear from colleagues that they are through with it, that it is too much. I hope that after the crisis I will be able to work from home more often. I would like to find the ideal balance between work and private life.”