Sign your company up for the e-bike tryout pool

In June 2020, a new e-bike trial provided by ConnectBike and Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar will start. All companies in the Schiphol area can sign up. The programme is subsidised so companies only pay €60 per participating employee.

The trial is suitable for 20 to 80 employees

Your company can join for one or two months. The minimum number of e-bikes is 10, the maximum is 20. Employees each receive an e-bike on loan for two weeks, so between 20 and 80 employees will have the chance to use the bikes during the trial period.

Let your employees discover the benefits of an e-bike

Your employees can experience the advantages of commuting on an e-bike thanks to the trial bike. We understand that it is a big step to commute in a new way. People take time to change their behaviour and are often resistant when told they have to. In our experience, a free trial period works well. Many people choose to continue to cycle after the two-week trial.

Everything taken care of

ConnectBike will arrange a reservation system and the delivery and collection of the bikes. They also help with internal communication, such as sample texts for email, flyers and banners. If desired, mobility experts Ronald Postam and Rosemarijn Verdoorn offer personalised advice to companies free of charge. For example, they can analyse your bicycle schemes and advise on improvements or do a postcode analysis to determine how great the cycling potential is. We take care of the complete procedure.

Only €60 per employee

Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar pays 50% of the costs of the e-bike pool. This means that you only pay €60 per participant.

What’s next? Be prepared.

There will come a time when everyone who now works from home will return to their usual workplace. And that will bring about some changes. Over the past few weeks, we have become accustomed to social distancing. There is a fear of being close to each other. How will employees travel to work in a 1.5-metre society?

Some will prefer to avoid public transport for the time being, especially during peak travel times. Make sure you’re prepared for this. Bicycles and e-bikes are good alternatives for employees who live within 15 kilometres of work. In recent weeks, cycling was regularly mentioned as the best means of transport during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

This manner of transport comes with a low risk of infection, and moreover, cycling has a positive effect on the lungs. For employees living further afield, ridesharing (sharing a car with other passengers) may be a good alternative to public transport.

Coronavirus is turning everything upside down

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is turning everything upside down. In the second half of March, it was quiet on the roads in the Schiphol region. There were no traffic jams and the number of passengers on public transport decreased by more than 85% during the morning rush hour. We are forced to work from home and to adjust our daily routines of working and living.

Some are able to continue working, and are even under extra pressure, such as businesses supplying supermarkets, hospitals or pivoting business operations. Many entrepreneurs in our region have seen their turnover disappear for the next few months. Some businesses have come to a standstill with a shock.

The question is, how do we want to continue in the future? Which also applies to this programme, and its work towards changing behaviour to bring about a liveable and easily accessible region. Our work and travel behaviour has changed as a result of the current situation. We’re experiencing the pros and cons of working from home, but above all, learning that it is possible. Our digital networks can handle it and there are excellent programmes available for online consultation, training courses and asking colleagues for feedback via a shared screen. We can use this experience to shape the way we work and live in a smarter way. Let’s hope that we will have more opportunities to make individual choices on a voluntary basis in the coming period, while retaining the collective responsibility for each other that we feel now.

On behalf of all the partners of the Alliantie Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar, I wish you strength in what you are dealing with, in your organisation and your personal circumstances. Stay positive and continue to work together – together we will achieve more!

Jeanet van Antwerpen
Chairperson of the Alliantie Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar