Harm de Boer: 2 times a week on the racing bike

Harm de Boer works as senior project manager at SADC. Twice a week he commutes on his racing bike. 38 km there and 38 km back. “It’s good for myself, good for the environment and I also arrive at the office completely refreshed. Lovely!”

The evening is for me
38 km is no distance for a city bike, but that doesn’t stop Harm. Sometimes he cycles alone, sometimes he meets a colleague and they cycle together. Harm especially sees the advantages of such an active commute: “When I get back from work, I’ve already done sports. The evening is for me”. Harm doesn’t cycle in the winter. “Then it’s dark and cold and it just gets too dangerous.” If he has an early appointment withh a customer, it’s a little trickier, too. “You can’t get all sweaty in bike clothes.” At those moments, Harm is happy with his car. By driving away from home around 7 o’clock, he avoids the morning rush hour for the most part.

“I can really recommend it to everyone: relax for a bit! Why not?”

Shared cars and a shower
“A fine outcome are the SADC shared cars,” says Harm. If he or his colleagues have an appointment outside the office during the day, they can use a shared car. Recently – at Harm’s personal request – there has also been a shower facility at the office. “We could already go to the neighbors for this, but a shower at the office is a bit more comfortable. Although the office will be closed for the coming weeks because of the corona measures, Harm’s racing bike is already ready for his next ride.