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Making Schiphol more accessible for everyone

The transport infrastructure and quality of life in the Greater Schiphol Area are constantly under pressure. New business parks and residential neighbourhoods are being developed and the number of commuters will continue to increase in the coming years. That means a greater demand for transport. However, it is essential that the region is accessible and liveable, for companies as well as their employees. That is why we are working to keep the area moving, in a smarter, more flexible and more sustainable way.

The Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar programme (literally: the Accessible Greater Schiphol Area programme) is committed to positive change. Think:

  • Introducing improvements to the infrastructure;
  • Exploring a wide range of alternative means of transport;
  • Deploying campaigns to promote cycling and e-bikes;
  • Looking at other interesting activities in the region that encourage commuters to travel outside of the rush hour.

We believe that Schiphol is an attractive area in which to work. And by working with business and employers in the region, it will remain accessible and liveable as it evolves.