Workouts at Business Park Lijnden and Amsterdam Osdorp

Ideally located for anyone working at Business Park Lijnden or Amsterdam Osdorp, these workout sessions suit beginners through to experienced athletes.


All business days from 04:30 PM until 08:00 PM.

Weekdays from 16:30 until 20:00.

Get active at Friends4Life, a fully equipped fitness club that offers a variety of group classes and individual training using their high-end equipment. You can also make use of the eGym training circuit that provides a full-body workout within 30 minutes, and tracks your progress via an app. A range of facilities, including showers, are available. Find out more on the Friends4Life website.


Fitnessclub Friends4Life
Melbournestraat 26-28
1175 RM Lijnden


Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar have arranged the discounted price of €30 for the first 10 sessions, following a free trial session. After this, you can choose from the fitness club’s regular offers.

Join now

Simply call Friends4Life on 020-449 1140 to take advantage of this offer.

Bring this form to your first session, or fill one out when you arrive.

The benefits

  • Get fit
  • Clear your mind
  • Choose from individual training and group classes
  • Professional coaching
  • Showers available
  • Free trial session
  • Miss rush hour