For everyone who works at Schiphol-Oost

Employees of Schiphol-Oost can enjoy a healthier option for the last part of their journey to work: on a bike. Our pilot allows you to rent a shared bike for use between bus stops and your workplace.

Convenient rentals

Simply unlock a bike using the app and cycle to work. Bike sharing is designed for single journeys, so there’s no need to return the bike to the same location afterwards.

Participating companies

The current pilot organised by Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar and Flickbike is for the ‘technical area’ of Schiphol-Oost. 300 bicycles are available for employees of companies including KLM, Transavia, IV-Industries, Martinair Jetcenter, Sodexo, General Electric, KH-Engineering, Airbus, EversPartners, Panasonic, Nayak, Time Uitzendburo, Boeing and Schiphol. All you need is a smartphone and the business email address of a participating company.

How it works

  1. Download the Flickbike app on your smartphone.
  2. Select ‘business login’ and create an account with your business email address.
  3. Find a bicycle on the map.
  4. Scan the code on the bicycle lock with your phone, and cycle away!
  5. Lock the bike for the next user when you arrive.

Download the Flickbike app:
Download de app in de Apple App StoreDownload de app in Google Play

Pick-up locations

There are four collection points:

  • Bus stop Knooppunt Oost
  • Bus stop Southern Crossstraat (technical area)
  • Bus stop Zuideinde/P65 (technical area)
  • Bus stop Canadaweg

The app will display available bicycles that have been left in this area.

Simple returns

You can leave the bike anywhere within the designated area when you arrive at work. When you lock the bike and make it available for the next user, your rental automatically ends. You can use the bike outside of the technical area too, just remember to return it to the designated area when you’re finished using it.

Here to help

If you’d like your company to take part in the pilot, contact for more information, or send an email to with comments and suggestions.

If you experience any issues with the bicyle or with using the app, contact Flickbike at

Benefits of cycling

Cycling to work is a rite of passage in the Netherlands. It comes with endless health benefits, immerses you in nature, and thanks to convenient cycle paths, is often faster than other modes of transport. This pilot gives employees of Schiphol-Oost a more active and enjoyable commute for the first or final part of their journey.

The pilot

The app has been created by Flickbike, our partner in the pilot. You might notice that some of the options in the app are not available (such as the payment method). The app is currently only available in English. Remember to use your business email address, which the system will recognise if your company is a registered participant. Contact if you require assistance.

Here you’ll find the bikes

The benefits

  • Enjoy a quick connection from the bus stop to your workplace
  • Makes public transport more convenient
  • Use the bikes for other purposes, as long as you return them to the designated area