E-bike trial pool, register your company now

In June 2020 a new e-bike try out pool will start, provided by ConnektBike and Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar. All companies in the Schiphol area can sign up for this. Thanks to a subsidy from the programme, you only pay €60 per participating employee.

20 to 80 employees

You can join your company for one or two months. The minimum is 10 e-bikes, the maximum is 20. Employees get the e-bike on loan for two weeks, so you can introduce between 20 and 80 employees.


Your employees can experience for themselves what it is like to commute on an e-bike. People don’t change their behaviour, and certainly not when someone says they have to. It is a big step to travel to work in a different way. We know from other projects that such a free trial period works well. A lot of people stay after those two weeks of cycling!


ConnectBike takes care of a reservation system and the delivery and collection of the bikes. They also help with internal communication, with sample texts for e-mail, flyers and banners. If desired, mobiliteitsmakelaars Ronald Postma and Rosemarijn Verdoorn offer individual – free of charge – advice to the companies. For example, they can analyse your (bicycle) schemes and advise on improvements. Or do a postcode analysis to determine how great the cycling potential is. Everything is in place.

Only € 60 per employee

The programme Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar pays 50% of the costs of the e-bike pool. This means that you only pay €60 per participant.