Shuttle between Hoofddorp station and De President

“The bus is a huge comfort!” – Patrick (employee at Iddex)

The (free!) shuttle service makes it even easier to travel to work by public transport. Iddex, Hikvision, Scotch & Soda and Somfy have joined forces. As a result, every five minutes (from 3 June) shuttle buses run between Hoofddorp station and the four companies on weekdays. Even if you work for (or visit) another company at De President, you are welcome to join us! The buses can be recognized by the ‘Ik reis met Jopie’  (I travel with Jopie) logo.

Departure times

The first bus leaves Hoofddorp station at 7:30 am, the last at 9:10 am.

At 4:45 pm the first bus leaves for the station, the last at 6:25 pm.
In addition, on Friday additional buses run at 3:15/3:30/3:45/4:00/4:15/4:30 pm.


Station Hoofddorp – Hikvision – Iddex – Scotch & Soda (Jacobus Spijker Dreef) – Scotch & Soda (Parellaan)

* Note: at 08:15 am the shuttle will start at Somfy.


Scotch & Soda (Parellaan)  – Scotch & Soda (Jacobus Spijker Dreef) – Iddex – Hikvision – station Hoofddorp.

* Note: at 05:00 pm the shuttle will start at Somfy and at 05:35 pm the shuttle will drive in the other direction.

Stopping points

Station Hoofddorp (parking near the kiosk)

Hikvision, Dirk Storklaan 3 (visitors parking near main entrance)

Iddex, Willem Brocadesdreef 17 (shuttle stops along the road, near the barriers)

Scotch & Soda, Jacobus Spijkerdreef 20-24 (main entrance )

Scotch&Soda, Parellaan 76 (entrance parking)

Join Jopie!

  • Ideal addition to the public transport
  • Super fast at work (and back at the station)
  • A bus every 5 minutes, so no waiting time
  • Free of charge