Aim: allowing your employees to travel home after the evening rush hour

For companies at/around Schiphol Rijk

From June, employees at or around Schiphol Rijk can join the ‘full body workouts’ on Wednesday and Thursday, in the open air, free of charge.

  • Free a charge for employees (small contribution from December)
  • No cost to the employer
  • Promotional material available
  • Wednesday and Thursday 5-6PM

Travel home after evening rush hour

In brief

A ‘full body workout’  in the open air under professional supervision. And your employees will subsequently be able to travel home after the rush hour. Interested sports enthusiasts (both beginners and those at a more advanced stage) can go to the meeting Place (near Liberty Global) and report direct to the sports instructor. The only thing you need to do as an employer is bring the Beat the Queues Sport Sessions to the attention of your employees.

The Beat the Queues Sport Sessions are a low-threshold and fun way of allowing your employees to travel outside of the evening rush hour. And they’ll be getting/staying fit in the process too! Great for your employees, good for your company ánd positive for the area’s accessibility.

Promotional material

Full colour flyers English/Dutch (PDF and print) for the workouts are available, just like banners (for in your restaurant or reception). Obviously free of charge. Just let our mobility brokers know how many flyers and banners you would like and they will make sure they are with you within a few days. And have a look in the employee part of this website!


Your employees can go to the meeting place of the training (near Liberty Global) and ask for the trainer.

Any questions? Do you need a little help with encouraging your employees to participate with the Beat the Queues Sport Sessions? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us.