• Ridesharing with Toogethr

For all companies in the Schiphol area

All companies in the region can offer their employees to use the Toogethr app for a year.

  • free of charge for employer and employee
  • Less traffic on the road and less cars on your parking
  • Saving costs for your employees
  • Also ideal for train passengers when there are no trains to Schiphol

Ridesharing: employees travel together

In brief

Less cars on the road and on your parking area: that’s a good perspective!

The bicycle or public transport is not for all employees an easy fit. Driving together to work might be a good alternative. But how do your employees find someone who travels – less or more – the same route and at the same time?

Your employees can use the Toogethr-app, which is free of costs during the pilot period. Toogethr is the ride-sharing app that automatically matches your employees with people who also work at Schiphol and thus removes all the barriers of traditional car sharing. This app takes a way the traditional struggles of carpooling. For your employees it is more fun, more sustainable and cheaper.

Promotional materials

Toogethr hands – in cooperation with Groot Schiphol Bereikbaar – out different items of professional communication.

You can contact Toogethr for more information.


Just contact Toogethr for more information.

Do you first want to discuss the opportunities for your company with a mobility consultant? Feel free to contact us.