• Beat the Queues Sportsessions

    Aim: allowing your employees to travel outside rush hour

For companies at Schiphol Center and Zuidoost

The ‘Beat the Queues’ Sport Sessions at Health Club The Base are available for the companies on Schiphol Centrum and Zuidoost.

  • Only €15 for 5x sessions (maximum of one card p.p., after that they will be paying the regular fee)
  • Businessdays from 7.30AM-8PM
  • Free trial session
  • No cost to the employer
  • Promotional material available

Travel home after evening rush hour

Sport sessions after work, under professional supervision  And your employees will subsequently be able to travel home after the rush hour. Interested sports enthusiasts (both beginners and those at a more advanced stage) can report direct to Health Center The Base (Evert van de Beekstraat 1-56 Schiphol). The only thing you need to do as an employer is bring the Beat the Queues Sport Sessions to the attention of your employees.

The Beat the Queues Sport Sessions are a low-threshold and fun way of allowing your employees to travel outside of the evening rush hour. And they’ll be getting/staying fit in the process too! Great for your employees, good for your company ánd positive for the area’s accessibility.