What’s next? Be prepared!

There will be a time when everyone who now works from home will go back to their normal place of work. And that will bring dilemmas. Over the past few weeks, we have become accustomed to social distancing. There is a fear of being close to each other. How will employees travel to work in the other half-meter society?

Some will prefer to avoid public transport for the time being, especially during rush hours. Make sure you’re prepared for this. The bicycle and e-bike are good alternatives for employees who live up to 15 km from work. In recent weeks, the bicycle was regularly mentioned as the best means of transport at the time of the corona crisis.

Barely any risk of infection and moreover cycling has a positive effect on the lungs. For employees living further afield ridesharing may be a good alternative for public transport. So not alone in the car, but together with someone else.